If you’re a high performing executive leader who has a passion about the direction of your company and you have a burning desire to see consistent buy-in from your people, then read on and…

Discover How to Become a More Impactful, Inspiring Leader Who Achieves and Inspires Peak Levels of Performance, Morale, and Results.

As an Executive Leader you’re tested on a daily basis as you strive to keep up with an increasingly complex world. It’s stressful, often thankless, which can lend itself to burnout and overwhelm.

Here at Clausen Consulting LLC we bring significant value to Executive Leaders like you who want to move your organization forward.

Companies who work with us report increased market strength and profitability as we coach key talent to be higher-performing leaders and expert implementers of your brilliant strategic ideas. Based in the North Loop area of Minneapolis, we are a practiced group of business growth strategists, executive coaches, leadership coaches, market researchers, professors, trainers, thought leaders, and organization developers.


Meet our elite team of expert, results-driven coaches and business strategists who will be your guides:

Dan Meir

Business Growth Strategist MBAEXPERTISE: Business Growth, Market Research, Strategic Direction, Attracting Top Talent
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Dan is our key business growth guru with a rare combination of sharp numerical analytics and exceptional people skills. With over a decade of work in Fortune 500 companies in marketing analytics, Dan has been helping business owners and leaders build a sustainable book of business by attracting, developing, and keeping top talent. He holds an MBA from the University of Texas, a business coach certification from the Institute of Business Growth, and life coaching certification at Coach Training Alliance. Dan believes in combining quantitative and qualitative metrics to achieve comprehensive evaluation of current states to measure progress. If you ask Dan his major accomplishment in life, he would answer that it’s his marriage to a beautiful, accomplished woman with four children, while bringing in two of his own. He claims this has brought new meaning to the words: patience, process, acceptance, and success.

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