What Our Clients Say

“With Clausen Consulting, we are achieving significant business results that we have sought for many years.  They bring process to strategic planning and team building.  We are engaged in open, creative dialogue and their support brings us focus on core business issues.” -STEVE HANSON, President, PGC, Edina, MN

“Professional and thought provoking, insightful in helping clients achieve their personal and company goals! Clausen Consulting delivers on their promise by offering insightful, tangible, solution-based services that produce high performance individuals, teams, and organizations. The greatest impact that I have seen is their long term commitment to the client. Lorinda provides simple effective processes and systems that produce results. I also very much appreciate her abundance attitude and long-term view of client value and relationship building. It is a professional pleasure to work with Lorinda and her team….please keep it going.”  -MICHAEL R. PACHOLEK, President, Summit Assessment Solutions, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

“Clausen Consulting is a master of strategic planning. Their process guarantees that leaders don’t only come up with a strategy to win but also make it happen! Thanks to Lorinda, you don’t have to worry about whether brilliant strategic thinking ever gets implemented. She systematically walks you down an efficient path to get results, from answering the big-picture questions about how to dominate the competition and delight customers, to how to align the organization so everyone is moving in the same direction. She is also a pleasure to work with, and extremely engaging in her approach.” -ANDREW NEITLICH, President, ATN and Associates, Osprey, Florida

“Clausen Consulting has provided exceptional executive coaching and leadership development services for our company.  Our team members repeatedly comment about Lorinda’s ability to listen, support, and deliver insightful guidance on a myriad of issues. Her commanding knowledge and application of the Myers-Briggs assessment tools has been invaluable for our personal, team and overall organizational development as we grow.  I unequivocally recommend Clausen Consulting.”   -DANIEL HARVEY, Chief Operating Officer, PGC, Edina, MN

“Hiring Clausen Consuting gave my business a huge boost. Creating a start-up can be overwhelming, so Lorinda’s energy, encouragement, pragmatism, and intuition (even in Skyping across the Atlantic!) was just what I needed. Shortly after our time I pitched my business idea at a weekend entrepreneur conference and won the “Wow!” Factor award. Without Lorinda’s help in refining my ideas and processes I know I wouldn’t have been able to clearly and confidently pitch my business idea. The enjoyment of working with her can only be matched by the practical benefits you will surely gain. I cannot recommend her strongly enough.” -KATIE MILLER, Owner, Katie’s Koekjes, Utrecht Netherlands

“In my 54 years of Executive Leadership experience, I have encountered literally hundreds of leaders. Looking back there are a few who stand out with some prominence. Lorinda Clausen is one of those few. She is highly respected for the leadership she provides and the quality of her relationships. Lorinda has a very keen mind that never rests. Her normal behavior is to be asking the insightful questions and she is most comfortable when looking for the cutting edge. Creative ability is one of her real long suits and people are energized when she is around. Lorinda has already made a positive mark and I know she will do even greater things in the future.” -DR. ROBERT CUTHILL, Retired Executive, Minneapolis, MN

“I have known and worked with Lorinda Clausen over many years. High energy, keen sense of humor that provides valuable insight, intelligent, inspirational, intuitive. She impacts lives!!” -GLORIA HANSEN, Clinical Informatics Analyst, Sisters of Charity Health System, Kansas City, MO

“Clausen Consulting was what my staff and I needed. During an initial consultation with Lorinda, she listened, asked questions, and clarified my staff needs. Following another conversation, Lorinda developed a workshop that fit the needs of my staff. Her presentations on “Change Leadership” and “Dynamic Teams” were a very effective combination of technology and compelling information. My staff reacted very positively and enthusiastically to her genuine delivery style and to her material. I plan to use Clausen Consulting again.” -REID MORTENSON, Education Director, Anoka-Hennepin School District, Anoka MN

“Clausen Consulting offers our company, Precision Gasket, a comprehensive approach to strategic planning, staff development, and executive coaching. Lorinda has assisted our management team to learn to work more effectively together and assist with our skill development to achieve our goals. Lorinda has brought us innovative solutions tailored to assist with our talent and performance management, and strategic planning needs.” -SUSAN CARY-HANSON, Principal Owner, Precision Gasket Company, Edina, MN

Clausen Consulting conducted three seminars for our staff. Lorinda’s approach is both exceptionally knowledgeable and exceptionally personal. We laughed a lot, learned about each other, and came away with concrete ways to be a more efficient team. An excellent seminar for personal growth, team-building, and leadership development.” -S.A. LEADERSHIP STAFF, Minneapolis, MN

“I have worked with Lorinda extensively over the years in both ministry and professional contexts. She is a master at dealing with really really sticky situations, from dysfunctional families to disunited executive leadership boards. Lorinda’s relentless focus on what is good, right, and true is refreshing; I always leave interactions with her feeling enriched.” -JOEL SWANSON, Senior Technical Analyst, Mytech Partners, Minneapolis, MN

“For the past several years, Lorinda Clausen has been a speaker for the annual training of our new team members. The team members come from across the United States and around the world to be trained for their leadership in Youth Encounter. At evaluation time, Lorinda is consistently ranked as one of our top speakers. Her style is engaging, knowledgable, and relevant. We look forward to having her back each year!  I’ve heard many of Lorinda’s presentations and I learn something new each time.”   -DONNA GAPINSKI, Director of Teams, Youth Encounter Inc., St. Paul, MN

“How awesome is Clausen Consulting, you ask?  Let me put it this way.  Out of all my years of academic study in the field of psychology, by far the best information and experience with personality theories has been with this fine lady.  Whether it’s coaching you on how to improve your effectiveness or guiding you to understand your authentic self, Lorinda’s consulting and executive coaching services come highly recommended. Oh, and she’s lots of fun too!” -BYRON OLSON, Author, Blaine, MN

“I appreciate the considerable skills Lorinda Clausen possesses regarding organizational issues, financial issues, relationship issues and leadership issues. Lorinda also demonstrates considerable skill in sorting out many, some quite complex, issues involving conflict.”  -TOM CROSS, President/Biomedical Engineer, Cross Jr. Inc., St. Francis, MN