VORTEX: A powerful current that draws in everything that surrounds it.

STRATEGIC VORTEX: Our proprietary system of solutions that draws the chaos of running a business into one simple strategic plan that gets powerful results.

According to Harvard Business Review, the failure rate of strategic plan execution in American companies is estimated at 87%. Although there are many factors that contribute to this high rate of failure, the key issue is that strategy has become too complex. “Experts” add unnecessary layers of involuted processes and the result is a brilliantly crafted document that merely sits on the shelf. The fact is, strategy can be simple, practical, and powerful. We’ve successfully led organizations in strategic planning and execution for over 15 years. Unlike the 87% who fail, our Strategic Vortex process will get results for your organization that delight customers and dominate the competition.

Put simply, a strategy defines how an organization will excel in the marketplace. A strategy answers the following questions:

  • What should your organization do best?
  • Against which competitors?
  • With which products and services?
  • For which customers?
  • What tactics will help you beat the competition?

    Developing a strategy requires an effective process that follows four guidelines:

    1. Trust the organization. An effective process does not rely on external, self-proclaimed experts for the answers. Instead, it trusts that the organization’s own people knowenough to develop an elegant strategy.
    2. Involve the people who know. An effective process involves employees closest to the customer, competition, and products, because these people have firsthand knowledge of the marketplace.
    3. Share and synthesize information. An effective process breaks down barriers among different business units, functions, and processes. It brings together knowledge from up, down, and across the organization.
    4. Get results. An effective process gets results. While it may take some time to develop andexecute a strategy, ultimately it should lead to an improved position in the marketplace, and better financial performance.



    • Master Strategic Plan

    • 5-Year Road Map: Strategic and Visionary Guide

    • 3-Year Road Map: Strategic, Logistical, and Tactical Guide

    • 90-Day Rock System

    • Maximum possible alignment of Executive Team vision

    • Clearly defined roles for each Executive Team member

    • More synergistic and effective Executive Team

    • Confirmation of core competencies and competitive assets

    • Development of opportunities for current/new markets and products

    • Prioritization of opportunities for strategic positioning

    • Plan of action to move forward

    • Accountability for strategic plan execution

    • Ongoing resources for consistently successful execution

    • Ongoing refinement and adjustment of the Strategic Plan as needed and determined by outcomes in real time

    For information on how you can produce a powerfully simple business strategy, contact Lorinda Clausen, President of Clausen Consulting, at 612-353-6452 or

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