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WE CRUSH LIMITING BELIEFS. Why are so many people simply settling for what life has dished out, zombies going from day to day, giving up control to others and just accepting what they get? Most of us have one or more limiting beliefs that hold us back, even if the belief helped us get where we are today. These beliefs occur automatically, in the blink of an eye, and we are often not aware that we are reacting on auto-pilot. Executive Coaching is an extremely powerful process that changes our automatic thinking and perceiving patterns. We specialize in crushing the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from the life you want to live.




Executive Coaching is an efficient, high impact process that helps high performance people in leadership roles improve results in ways that are sustained over time. All of my clients have one thing in common: they are all successful, resourceful, and intelligent individuals who want to get even more out of their lives. Professionals, leaders, and people in transition are some of the people who typically work with an executive coach. What professional athlete hasn’t used a coach to win? Joe Mauer is already one of the best catchers in baseball, and yet he understands the value that comes from having someone work directly with him, someone to point out things he can’t see, someone to keep encouraging and challenging him to achieve his greatest potential.



Executive Coaching is quickly becoming one of the leading tools that successful people use to live extraordinary lives. Through regular coaching sessions, my clients identify what is most important to them and align their thoughts, words, and actions, accordingly. As your Executive Coach, I work with you to identify what you aspire to professionally and support you in achieving a life that you really want and love. Having a life you love starts with gaining clarity on your values, enabling more meaningful choices and consistent action. Your commitment to yourself through coaching offers a means for more balance, joy, energy, focus, and action in every area of your life. An Executive Coach will: Encourage you to set goals that you truly want; Ask you to do more than you may have done on your own; Help you focus better in order to produce results more quickly; Provide you with the tools, support, and structure to accomplish more.



We will meet by telephone, skype, or in person for 50 minutes, three times each month. We will typically schedule our meetings for the same time and day of the week for three weeks in a row. Weeks that we do not have scheduled meetings are an excellent time for you to put extra time and effort into achieving your objectives.



I recommend you commit to executive coaching for a minimum of three to six months. The benefits of coaching build over time. In order to make this experience as valuable as possible, I encourage you to make this commitment to yourself. We have some clients who have been coaching with us for over 3 years.



It is important for the integrity and value of our coaching relationship that we are open and honest with each other. In this light, what we discuss will remain completely confidential.



Executive Coaching is proven to work when two factors are present: 1) You are willing to learn, grow, and take action. 2) There is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be. That’s all that is necessary for a successful coaching relationship where you can develop the right strategy, implement a plan of action, and achieve your goals.



1) Take More, Better, and Smarter Actions. Our first task together is to find out exactly what you really want for yourself. Once you create objectives that are clearly in line with your professional vision and personal values, you are much more likely to naturally and consistently take actions to reach them. 2) Have A Balanced Life. Professional success is maximized when you enjoy a sense of personal fulfillment and life balance. We will discuss how to carve out enough time so your life outside of work is exactly the way you want it to be. 3) Make Better Decisions. I will help you become focused as you share ideas with me. I will understand you and be subjective enough to want a lot for you, yet objective enough not to be biased or self-serving. You’ll also find that just talking about your options with someone who really listens is often enough to clarify things. 4) Reach For More. When you have a partner you trust, you will reach for much more because you can afford to. Are you ready to think big and really live your life fully? I am a partner who will enable you to take your life wherever you want it to go. 5) Have More Sustainable Energy. Together we’ll identify the things that drain your energy, and create a long-term strategy to eliminate them. In addition, we’ll focus on the things that give you energy, and explore how to maximize their impact. When you’re happy, productive, and free from tolerations and problems, life is a lot more fun!




Five Reasons Why a Culture of Coaching Gives Your Organization a Competitive Edge

Our philosophy of people strategy solutions in based in a “culture of coaching”. By that we mean that your executives, managers, and front-line staff bring out the best in each other, constantly improve results, and build an unstoppable team that works for common goals. Ultimately a culture of coaching enables employees to have the business and emotional intelligence to delight customers, implement ideas to increase revenues and profits, and increase the value of your business.
  1. Improve accountability and results. Coaches create significant, measurable improvements in performance. They do this by agreeing on performance metrics, tracking results, and having appropriate conversations to keep people accountable.
  2. Develop leaders who continue to improve the organization. Coaching builds organizational capacity by developing leaders. With coaching, people gain insights into their own strengths and capabilities, embrace the vision and potential of their organization, and take responsibility for moving the organization forward.
  3. Improve communication up, down, and across the organization. Coaching trains people to have open, honest conversations about how to make things better, without getting defensive, protecting turf, or blaming others. It assures that everyone is aligned and working towards the same strategic priorities.
  4. Give employees the skills they need to perform. Coaching builds expertise in key areas required for high performance: communicating powerfully, engaging employees, managing up, building relationships, influencing without formal power, developing one’s career, managing change, building teams, setting strategic direction, focusing one’s time on key priorities, and developing others.
  5. Become a magnet for top talent. The best talent insists upon opportunities that advance their skills and career. When you have a culture of coaching, you tell prospective and current employees that you care about their ongoing development. You also create an environment that reduces turnover among your best-performing employees.
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