Get ready for the most rewarding and significant executive development opportunity of your career….while taking your organization to new levels of performance!


The Certified Leadership & Executive Coach Training Program

Through one-on-one coaching, you will see significant improvements in performance at your organization while also earning the credential of Certified Leadership & Executive Coach with the Center for Executive Coaching. This credential includes the International Coach Federation (ICF)-approved Certified Executive Coach designation and the Certified Leadership Coach “Black Belt” Level designation.
  • Improve accountability and results in your organization.
  • Develop leaders who take the organization to new levels of performance.
  • Improve communication up, down, and across.
  • Bring out the best in your executive team, managers, and front-line staff.
  • Become a magnet for top talent.
  • Engage and mobilize employees…almost effortlessly.
  • Generate leverage so that you get more done in less time.
  • Set strategic direction to give your organization a competitive edge.
The Certified Leadership & Executive Coach Training Program is like no other executive development program. You receive one-on-one coaching from a rigorously trained professional from The Center for Executive Coaching, while also getting ongoing support via tele-classes, an online member area, and written resources. Your coach takes you through a curriculum that focuses on the most pressing issues you face as a leader, while you also learn how to coach others to new levels of performance and bring a “culture of coaching” to your organization.


“Five Reasons Why a Culture of Coaching Gives Your Organization a Competitive Edge”

  1. Improve accountability and results. Coaches create significant, measurable improvements in performance. They do this by agreeing on performance metrics, tracking results, and having appropriate conversations to keep people accountable.
  2. Develop leaders who continue to improve the organization. Coaching builds organizational capacity by developing leaders. With coaching, people gain insights into their own strengths and capabilities, embrace the vision and potential of their organization, and take responsibility for moving the organization forward.
  3. Improve communication up, down, and across the organization. Coaching trains people to have open, honest conversations about how to make things better, without getting defensive, protecting turf, or blaming others. It assures that everyone is aligned and working towards the same strategic priorities.
  4. Give employees the skills they need to perform. Coaching builds expertise in key areas required for high performance: communicating powerfully, engaging employees, managing up, building relationships, influencing without formal power, developing one’s career, managing change, building teams, setting strategic direction, focusing one’s time on key priorities, and developing others.
  5. Become a magnet for top talent. The best talent insists upon opportunities that advance their skills and career. When you have a culture of coaching, you tell prospective and current employees that you care about their ongoing development. You also create an environment that reduces turnover among your best-performing employees.
(From the Center for Executive Coaching)


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Lorinda Clausen, President of People Strategy Advisors and Owner of Clausen Consulting, is an expert at helping executives and managers achieve their most ambitious performance goals by coaching others to excellence. In addition to decades of experience in leadership roles, Lorinda has undergone eighteen months of rigorous training with the International Coach Federation (ICF) approved Center for Executive Coaching. She holds a rare double credential as a Certified Executive Coach and Master Certified Coach Trainer.

Contact Lorinda at 612-353-6452 or lorinda@clausen-consulting.com and learn more about this remarkable executive development opportunity.

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